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Indulge in an atmosphere of amazing hair styling and makeup design in our Fabulous Inspirations Salon.

A Twin Fabulous Vision

Twin Fabulous is a fast growing, multi-enterprise vision founded by twin sisters Kristi and Heather Tanner. Welcome to Twin Fabulous, where the motto speaks for itself:

Twins by Design, Vision Partners by Choice.’

Twin Fabulous Motivation

Kristi and Heather embrace the concept of becoming the best version of yourself. They will motivate you with their insights and fabulous products!

Dream Big, Live Fabulous; one day at a time

The Twins believe that Life is what you make of it, including learning from the mistakes and challenges we face each and every day. Our Dreams also are not limited, but expanded by our ability to grow with each fabulous moment.

Amazing space

Maintaining a positive image and having a fabulous attitude can make all the difference in the world.

Twin Fabulous

Twins by Design, Vision Partners by Choice